Make your message stand out

View and manage your whole digital signage fleet with precision and ease. Check device status, fine-tune content, and harness valuable insights to elevate the impact of your digital messaging.


Images and videos

Display images and videos on your screen. Arrange your content in your preferred order by dragging and dropping in our easy to use interface.

Customizable appearance

Personalise the appearance of Mirror with logos, text, images, and even videos to achieve the exact look you desire, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand.

Device management

Managing devices is effortless with Mirror. Checking device status, updating playlists, or adding/removing devices is a breeze in the Mirror Portal.


Build playlists with your handpicked content for delivering personalized messages at precisely the right moments, whether for promotions, crucial information, or pure enjoyment.

Landscape or portrait

Mirror offers complete flexibility by supporting both landscape and portrait formats. Simply select your preferred orientation for your content.

Full HD and 4K

Mirror can display content in beautiful Full HD or stunning 4K resolution . The maximum resolution is determined by your choice of hardware (Apple TV model and display).

Offline support

Digital signage players require an internet connection to update their content. Mirror has built in offline support so the connected screen can continue to operate even when the internet connection is lost.

Easy enrollment via MDM

Use your existing MDM-system (Mobile Device Management) to simplify the enrollment of multiple devices. Mirror lets you configure your devices in your MDM-system for a no touch enrollment where the only thing needed is to start the app.



Connect Slack to Mirror to distribute your already existing content from your Slack channels.


Create stunning content in a tool made for design and publish it directly to your screens with our Figma-plugin.