Meet the Mirror team

So, here we are—a duo working 100% remotely to create our vision of what a digital signage solution look like. With the feedback from our customers we will continually improve Mirror until we get it just right—everything necessary to enable great storytelling right where you need to display it.

Sebastian Johansson


Building stuff has always been a part of my life. Who would have known when I was a kid, before smartphones and web browsers, that software would be my building blocks.

I have been working more than a decade with different software projects in a wide variety of industries. Healthcare education, telecom and e-commerce being the dominant ones. I get a kick out of making software that actually impacts the users, where they feel that it's something they can be creative with.

When I'm not coding or designing software I try to release my creative side with photography.

Rodrigo Vives


As someone who loves tech and has a curious mind, I love learning how things are made and how they work.

Whether I’m looking into the latest developer APIs or how to do something in Figma I often find myself going down the rabbit hole, spending way more time researching things than I initially thought. My Youtube history can vouch for that.

With 10+ years as a developer, I’ve helped multiple brands to build everything from sites, apps and IOT solutions.

I love when code and great design comes together and creates something beautiful, useful and unique. Going from nothing to something is a great feeling.