Stendahls is a full service digital & creative agency in Gothenburg, Sweden. They offer cutting edge expertise and a wide range of services for both B2C and B2B brands.


Stendahls was in the market for a digital signage solution to display all the latest cases for visitors and employees in their lounge. With employees spread out over different floors, Stendahls also wanted to enable their employees to share daily updates on fun events happening in the office, so everyone could be a part of the experience.

Additionally, there was a need to allow anyone in the company to update the content without involving the IT department.


Mirror was installed on multiple screens on the premises. The video wall in the lounge being the largest screen was used to showcase all the latest cases while smaller screens in high traffic areas were used for showing office updates.

By using Mirror’s Slack integration the barrier for posting content was lowered as employees were able to use their everyday tool to keep the content on the screens updated and relevant.


The main benefit is that Stendahls can now showcase their latest cases and productions by simply posting the latest content into a specific Slack channel, reducing the burden on the IT department and democratizing the ability to post content to the screens.

Stendahls has also become more transparent about what's going on in the office and made it easier for employees to participate in office happenings, leading to happier and more content employees.